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ESMO 2023

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08:00 AM
Duration 8hrs Madrid, Spain
Characteristics of patients (pts) with previously treated, oestrogen receptor-positive, HER2-negative advanced breast cancer (ER+, HER2– aBC) who had rapid progression (RP) in acelERA BC
Martín M, Hilz S, Collier A, Chibly A, Sohn J, Bardia A, Lim E, Chavez-MacGregor M, Martinalbo J, Pérez-Moreno PD, Moore HM
Duration 1hr Madrid, Spain
WAYFIND-R: A global, real-world database of patients (pts) with a solid tumour profiled with next-generation sequencing (NGS).
Jean-Yves Blay, Allan Hackshaw, Christophe Le Tourneau, Jan Geissler, Ana Ferro, Erika Schirghuber, Olga Skatkova, Rodrigo Dienstmann
Duration 8hrs Madrid, Spain
Alectinib for treatment-naïve advanced ALK+ NSCLC selected via blood-based NGS: updated analyses of outcomes, circulating tumour (ct)DNA and biomarker subgroups from BFAST Cohort A
Gadgeel S, Mok T, Peters S, Nadal E, Han J-H, Alatorre-Alexander J, Leighl N, Sriuranpong V, Perol M, de Castro Junior G, de Marinis F, Tan DSW, Shagan SM, Assaf ZJ, Maclennan M, Ochi Lohmann T, Slade M, Mathisen MS, Prasad V, Dziadziuszko R
Duration 8hrs Madrid, Spain
Real-world prognostic value of RET fusions in advanced non-small cell lung cancer (aNSCLC)
Gadgeel S, Zhang Q, Lin H, Fajardo O, Trinh H, Arndorfer S, Kong S, Rahman A, Li S, Archer V, Gainor J
09:35 AM
Duration 10mins Hall 3 (Salamanca Auditorium)
Primary analysis of efficacy and safety in the CUPISCO trial: A randomised, global study of targeted therapy or cancer immunotherapy guided by comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) vs platinum-based chemotherapy (CTX) in newly diagnosed, unfavourable cancer of unknown primary (CUP)
Linda Mileshkin,Tilmann Bochtler, Chantal Pauli, Gonzalo Durán-Pacheco, Cagatay Arslan, Frédéric Bigot, Nasséra Chalabi, Natalie Cook, Antoine Italiano, Ferran Losa, Juliana Janoski de Menezes,Chantal Michaud, Mustafa Özgüroğlu, Roberto A. Pazo-Cid, Jeffrey S. Ross, Kai-Keen Shiu, Michael Stahl, Marlene Thomas, Holger Moch, Alwin Krämer
02:25 PM
Duration 10mins Hall 9 (Santander Auditorium)
Atezolizumab and tumour microenvironment in early triple-negative breast cancer (eTNBC): Exploratory biomarker analysis from IMpassion031
N. Harbeck, E. Duan, K. DuPree, C-W. Chang, C.H. Barrios, H. Zhang, S. Saji, K.H. Jung, M.L. Telli, M. Liste-Hermoso, S.Y. Chui, M. Dieterich, E. Mittendorf, L. Molinero
03:54 PM
Duration 12mins Hall 6 (Madrid Auditorium)
ALINA: efficacy and safety of adjuvant alectinib versus chemotherapy in patients with early-stage ALK+ non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)
Prof Benjamin J. Solomon, Prof Jin Seok Ahn, Prof Rafal Dziadziuszko, Prof Fabrice Barlesi Dr Makoto Nishio, Prof Dae Ho Lee, Prof Jong-Seok Lee, Prof Wenzhao Zhong, Dr Hidehito Horinouchi, Prof Weimin Mao, Dr Maximilian Hochmair, Dr Filippo de Marinis, Dr Maria Rita Migliorino, Prof Igor Bondarenko, Dr Tania Ochi Lohmann, Ms Tingting Xu, Mr Andres Cardona, Dr Walter Bordogna, Dr Thorsten Ruf, Prof Yi-Long Wu
09:35 AM
Duration 5mins Sevilla Auditorium - Hall 9
A phase II study investigating the safety and efficacy of neoadjuvant atezolizumab in non-urothelial, muscle invasive bladder cancer (ABACUS-2)
Bernadett Szabados, Esther Nogueron Martinez, Francisco José Álvarez Márquez, Daniel Castellano Gauna, Alejo Rodríguez-Vida Rodríguez, Carmen Garcías de España, Syed A Hussain, Carlos Álvarez Fernández, Mark Linch, Teresa Bonfill, Marine Gross-Goupil, John Kelly, Rob Jones, Simon Crabb, Luis Beltran, Rachel Garonce-Hediger, Nikolas Jan Rakebrandt, Ramona Georgescu, Charlotte Ackerman, Thomas Powles
08:00 AM
Duration 8hrs Madrid, Spain
A global, multicentre, open-label, randomised phase II trial of tobemstomig (tobe) with or without tiragolumab (tira) vs atezolizumab (atezo) in patients (pts) with untreated metastatic urothelial cancer (mUC) ineligible for platinum-based chemotherapy (chemo)
Gupta S, Alhalabi O, Bamias A, Bellmunt J, Castellano D, Bedke J, Friedlander T, Garmezy B, Grivas P, Huddart R, Necchi A, Powles T, Puente J, Rosa D, Wang F, Lambertini C, Andreev-Drakhlin A, Fassò M, Loriot Y.
Duration 8hrs Madrid, Spain
Phase I study of IL-8 inhibitor AMY109 plus atezolizumab (atezo) in patients (pts) with advanced solid tumours
Kuboki Y, Kitano S, Ikeda M, Koyama T, Mizugaki H, Narikiyo T, Yamaguchi Y, Ishida T, Takubo R, Ogami C, Sekiya M, Nakagawa Y, Yamamoto N
Duration 8hrs Madrid, Spain
Updated efficacy and safety data of entrectinib▼ in patients with locally advanced/metastatic NTRK fusion-positive (fp) solid tumours
Lu S, de Braud F, Fan Y, Hu X, Ohe Y, Yu Y, Ahn M-J, Cassier P, Lin JJ, Paz-Ares L, Xue C, Bordogna W, Patel S, Zeuner H, Dong X
08:10 AM
Duration 5mins Hall 3 (Salamanca Auditorium)
First results from the ENGOT-GYN2/GOG-3051/BOUQUET phase 2 biomarker-directed platform study: cobimetinib (cobi) or atezolizumab (atezo) + bevacizumab (bev) for persistent/recurrent rare epithelial ovarian cancer (eOC)
Ray-Coquard I, Pignata S, Lee J-L, Coleman R, Rothfuss E, Brown J, Kim J-W, Selle F, Lorusso D, Bermejo Perez MJ, Pautier P, Gourley C, Ayhan A, Richardson G, Yauch L, Dieterich M, Krishnan V, Calas-Zeroug O, Harter P, Gershenson D
01:50 PM
Duration 5mins Hall 9 (Sevilla Auditorium)
IMpower010: exploratory analysis of disease-free survival (DFS) by TGF cancer-associated fibroblast (CAF) gene signature expression in patients (pts) with resected NSCLC treated with atezolizumab (atezo) or best supportive care (BSC)
Nasser Altorki, Martin Reck, Heather Wakelee, Enriqueta Felip, Eric Vallieres, Rüdiger Liersch, Satoshi Oizumi, Hiroshi Tanaka, Silvia Novello, Steven McCune, Haocheng Li, Luciana Molinero, Sören Müller, Elizabeth Bennett, Barbara J. Gitlitz, Virginia McNally, Marcus Ballinger, Barzin Nabet, Minu K. Srivastava, Caicun Zhou